Daylight Music 358: Piano Day – Part 1 (Gallery)

Piano Days are some of my favourite Daylight Music events. Piano Day is usually on a date near the 88th day of the year. 88 being the number of keys on a full size piano. Daylight Music, always striving to be different, has taken a leaf from Rick Wakeman, where more piano is better and features three Piano Days. The first one at day 70. I would like to think is celebrating all the other types of piano, from the toy pianos Daylight has featured regularly over the years, to the 76 key electric pianos used by many of the electronic artists it has featured. Versions of the piano have featured in many of the best Daylight Music events. A second event, with an encore the next day, is at the beginning of April nearer the official Piano Day.

Today’s event featured three completely different artists and their take on the piano. Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser with a traditional classical take on the piano. Taking the piano to a different place, Tori Freestone and Alcyona Mick Duo gave us a jazz infused set. Finally, Jenny Moore (and friends) brought us songs written on the piano during the pandemic. All showed the versatility of this wondrous machine in the hands of talented artists.

White I love photographing Piano Days for Daylight, I also love watching closely how each pianist tackles the piano. As I wasn’t on duty today. I plonked myself at the front where I could be mesmerised by the dance of the hands on the keyboard. Hands feature a lot in these photos.