Panic Shack at the Horn

Another visit to the Horn from Panic Shack. This time headlining the evening. In tow were Snayx (pronounced Snakes and not snacks). I have seen both before. It was one of those evenings where I enjoyed myself but remain unconvinced by both bands and yet will happily watch both again.

Snayx are in your face. All their influences seem to hark back to 70s punk but filtered through layers of punk updates from post-2000 bands. While they like to get right up close into people’s faces, the music hasn’t the rough edges of 70s punk bands. Think Punk with chamfers. They are too musical. While enjoyable live, I can’t imagine listening to them on record. Worth watching one – well unless you dislike being stared at intensely, if that’s the case, find a different band.

Panic Shack also fall into the ‘not sure what to make of them’ category. This was the third time I have seen them and I still feel unconvinced by the whole package. At times joyous and fun, other times screaming into the microphone but maybe due to their fun side, seemingly lacking the same conviction the Snayx lads portray. At times they feel like two different bands. I like the fun side of the band more than the shouty side. My favourite song, the excellent Pins-esque ‘I Don’t Really Like It’ finds the middle ground. While I remained unconvinced. They have always entertained and I would happily catch them again at a festival.

  • Baby
  • Mannequin Man
  • ParTy SD
  • I Don’t Really Like It
  • Jui Jits-you
  • Do Something
  • The Ick
  • Jelly Baby
  • Meal Deal
  • Cash Piggy
  • Who’s Got My Lighter
  • GayBar

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