Pink Mountaintops

This seemed a bit of a topsy-turvy lineup. The headliners were The Vacant Lots. Two guys, one with a guitar and one hiding behind a box, I assume twiddling knobs on some electronic devices. Who knows. As you can see from the photo, he could be up to anything. It’s not a setup that lends itself to anything that’s remotely entertaining. In fact they caused me to leave early as there was simply nothing remotely interesting in their performance and the train home and a slightly earlier night seemed a better option.

The Vacant Lots

But I wasn’t there for the headliner, I was here for a Pink Mountaintops. I’d really liked the most recent Pink Mountaintops album. So even though they were second on the bill. I thought I’d take the opportunity to give them a listen in the tiny Shacklewell. Although they were reasonably enjoyable. I didn’t love their performance as much as their album.

Pink Mountaintops

Support on the evening was from an impressive Tess Parks. Somebody I’m sure I’ll catch again.

Tess Parks