Regressive Left

I first caught Regressive Left at the 2021 Wide Awake Festival and was really impressed. Before tonight, I had only managed to catch them once this year, which is a real pity as I think they are a really impressive band.

Like many current bands. They sit firmly in the post-punk genre. I often forget not all post-punk sounded like the Fall. The New York art-punk scene still inspires new generations of bands. Regressive Left draw heavily from bands like Talking Heads and mix in dance beats from the 90s with some impressive drumming from Georgia Hardy and Simon Tyrie’s pitch shifting vocals, a style you rarely hear now. Will on guitar makes his guitar squeal around the driving beats and keyboards, creating an infectious sound it is hard not to dance to.

As you would expect from the current crop of post-punk bands, the songs are strong on social commentary, with Simon wearing a ‘Fuck Tories Scum’ t-shirt. Their recent EP ‘The Wrong Side of History’ released on Bad Vibrations own label, formed the backbone of the set. The highlight being ‘The Wrong Side of History’ with Simon’s vocals in full Talking Heads style.

  • Cream Militia
  • Serious Thing
  • World on Fire
  • Parish Council
  • No More Fun
  • The Wrong Side Of History
  • The Itch
  • Never Change
  • MD
  • Take The Hit
  • Bad Faith
  • Eternal Returns