Blood Wizard

After Rachael Dadd, I decided to head into London to try and fit an evening gig. I don’t like Saturday evening gigs because I spend the evening looking at my phone in case trains have been cancelled due to lack of drivers. Blood Wizard was actually the support. As feared, the train cancellations started to come in, leaving only one train between 2220 and 1am. I wasn’t willing to risk that train being cancelled, so sadly missed the headline set from Samana.

Bloody Wizard is not a great name for a band – well any band that isn’t a metal band. But it’s a terrible name for a solo performer, as Cai Burns was tonight. He seemed embarrassed to use the name. Last year he released a really interesting solo album, Western Spaghetti, that was a departure for his previous work with Kagoule. The stripped back versions played on acoustic guitar, retained much of the charm of the album. Halo, my highlight of the album was just as good stripped back. While it was disappointing to miss the headliner. I didn’t feel short changed by only seeing Cai’s short set. I will have to catch him with his full band.