Paraorchestra – The Anatomy of the Orchestra

Such a simple idea. But a great one. The Paraorchestra’s ‘The Anatomy of the Orchestra’ allows the audience to walk around as the orchestra plays. While I am lucky to experience sound checks with small orchestras. It was still a special experience to walk around the London Paraorchestra as they performed Steve Reich’s ‘The Four Sections’ in the Clore Ballroom at London’s Royal Festival Hall. If you are not aware. The Paraorchestra, conducted by their creative director, Charles Hazlewood, are a mixed orchestra of musicians with and without disabilities. It was great to see so many children fascinated by the different instruments and oblivious to disabilities. For us adults, it was amazing to see all these musician play up-close. Seeing the challenges some of these musicians overcome to play to this high standard, was frankly inspiring.